Goodbye to Goodbye (2018)

Goodbye to Goodbye (2018)

Young Hee is a woman who separated from her husband Sang Jin because he cheated on her. One day, Jung Hyo, a pregnant woman whose boyfriend ask her to abort the child, starts living with Young Hee, her boyfriend’s mother. Although they fight often, they also come to understand one another.

Native title: 이별이 떠났다
Also Known as: Yibyuli Ddeonatda , Parting Left
Directors: Kim Min Shik
Screenwriters: So Jae Won
Genres: Romance, Drama, Melodrama
Tags: Adapted From A Webtoon, Strong Female Lead, Mistress, Unexpected Pregnancy

Main Cast

Chae Si Ra as Suh Young Hee
Jo Bo Ah as Jung Hyo
Lee Sung Jae as Han Sang Jin
Lee Joon Young as Han Min Soo
Jung Hye Young as Kim Se Young
Jung Woong In as Jung Soo Chul

Supporting Cast

Yang Hee Kyung as Kim Ok Ja
Kim San Ho as Moon Jong Won
Ha Si Eun as Han Hee Jin
Oh Ha Nee as Lee Ah In
Yoo Soo Bin as Woo Nam Sik

Production Credits

Director: Kim Min Shik
Screenwriter: So Jae Won

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